The Tidy Tubing

The Tidy Tubing

We all know the problem. The concentrator in one place, the patient walking with his 12 meter oxygen tubing in his room back and fort.

The tubing being kinked, bend, blocked and tripped over.

Would it not be marvelous to solve this problem? We did. With this retractable O2 tubing! The first safe and smart oxygen tube.

* Quiet, odorless smooth-bore O2 tubing
* Kink-free and self-retracting
* Coiled length is just 14 inches (35 cm)
* It extends to an amazing 15 feet (456 cm)!
* Connect up to 3 together, for up to 45 foot reach (1370 cm)
* Swivel female connector (A) included to connect to the oxygen barb
* Swivel male connector (B) included for easy cannula connection
* Clothing clip (C) included, to eliminate strain

Look at the demo video

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